3 Common Garage Door Repair Services Offered

garage door repair services

Garage door malfunctions are not issues to take lightly. Due to a garage door issue, not only can you not access your vehicles, but the problem can cause lasting damage. 

Fortunately, there are garage door repair companies who can help correct the issue at hand. Garage doors are intricate machinery and can be very complicated. 

There are a variety of different garage door repair services that may be needed to fix the malfunction. Continue to read to learn about the top three garage door repair services offered. 

Spring Repair 

When a malfunction arises, often a spring issue is at fault. Once a spring tears, one will have to lift the door manually. If a spring breaks, it is recommended not to attempt to move the door manually.

The door is very heavy and using the broken spring can result in greater damage. Of the essence, using a garage door with a broken spring can cause undesirable injuries. 

A repair company will not only replace the springs with an adequate match but will conduct intensive safety inspections. These inspections will ensure that the new springs will not cause any more damage to your garage door system. 

Opener Repair

Another common problem that one might experience is when a garage door opener stops working. Whether the door is not opening completely or is not responsive when clicking the remote or wall switch, a garage door opener issue can be a real nuisance. 

Let us be clear, a garage door opener is one of the most intricate components of your garage door system. In turn, unless it is a simple fix you feel comfortable with, it is important to contact a repair company to avoid further damage. 

Once you contact a garage door repair company, its team will come in and analyze the issue. Depending on the severity of the problem, the team will either perform a repair that day or make a plan for a complicated issue. 

If the team discovers a programming problem, you may have to contact a specialist to reprogram the opener. 

Cable Repair

Garage door cables are one of the most critical components of your system. Even more of the essence, they can be very dangerous to tinker with. In turn, any cable-related repair should be reserved for a professional. 

Garage cables hold a lot of weight. This is because they are designed to hold the door in place. Since the cables withstand incredible weight, they experience great tension. Without a reliable cable, a garage door can fall and this can result in serious injuries or even death. 

There can be both large and minor cable-related issues. Some problems will require a simple adjustment. In other cases, your cables may be broken and will need replacement. 

A garage door repair service company will come in, determine the issue, and discuss a course of action with you. 

All-Pro Overhead Door Garage Door Repair Services 

All-Pro Overhead Door is here for you. We offer all of these common garage door repair services and more. Our team is dedicated to assisting you and fixing any issue at hand.

All-Pro’s technicians are knowledgeable about every major brand and are well experienced. Additionally, we offer 24/7 service in case of an emergency. 

To learn more about what we do and how we can be of help, please reach out to our team today.  

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