4 Signs You Need Garage Door Repairs

Is your garage door slow to open? Won’t close all the way? Here are 4 signs you need garage door repairs.

Did you know your garage door is the largest moving object in your home? Your garage door serves many purposes. It’s where your vehicle enters and exits your garage. You also likely enter and leave your home through your garage door.

But what happens when your garage door stops working? Life comes to a screeching halt. This is why it’s important to identify the symptoms of a malfunctioning garage door.

Believe it or not, your garage door shows early signs of malfunctioning. These signs signal the need for repair. However, many homeowners don’t know how to identify these signs.

Here are 4 signs you need garage door repairs.

1. Your Garage Door Is Too Noisy

Most garage doors make noise when they’re opening and closing. But if these noises are loud or they’re ones you’re not used to hearing, something is probably wrong.

Different sounds signal different issues. For example, a popping sound usually means the sections aren’t properly coming together while a rumbling sound usually signals a problem with the torsion springs.

2. Your Garage Door Isn’t Opening or Closing

This is the most common sign your garage door needs repairs. Your garage door should open and close fully when activated. If not, there’s probably a faulty part.

This can be an issue with the garage door opener, cables, or springs.

Whether or not your garage door only opens/closes halfway or doesn’t open or close when activated, a professional needs to examine your garage door’s condition.

3. Your Garage Door Is Off-Balance

Does your garage door not close evenly? Does it look saggy? If so, your garage door is off-balance.

It’s vital you immediately repair this issue, even if it still opens and closes properly. If you don’t, the over-stressed spring will snap, resulting in overall garage door failure.

Identifying this issue isn’t always easy. When opening or closing your garage door, stop it at the halfway point. Check and see if the door is balanced.

4. Your Garage Door Is Off the Tracks

It’s essential the garage door rollers are on the tracks. If they’re not, the garage door won’t operate properly. In addition, operating the garage door can also become dangerous.

There are a few reasons why a garage door can come off the tracks. For example, anything that impacts the door, such as a vehicle, can cause it to re-align. In addition, the rollers can break or wear down or a lift cable can break.

Is It Time for Garage Door Repairs?

It’s essential you call a professional when you notice these faulty signs. Common signs include the garage door not opening or closing properly, but lesser-known signs include an off-balance garage door.

Garage door repairs are required in order to get your garage door back to working condition. If not, you risk ruining your garage door altogether.

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