5 Common Garage Door Problems Every Homeowner Faces

garage door problems

Do you often have trouble with your garage door? It’s a common problem that becomes a safety hazard to your home if it’s not fixed right away.

By understanding the most common garage door problems, it’s easier to keep your family and your property protected. To learn more, keep reading. We’ve collected the top garage door problems that every homeowner needs to know about down below.

1. Door Doesn’t Close

When you go to close your garage door but it doesn’t close all the way, this leaves your home vulnerable to intruders and other dangers. This problem occurs if you don’t keep up with proper maintenance of the door tracks or if the door itself is wearing down due to old age.

Don’t hesitate to call in the experts for help when this happens or else you’re leaving your home exposed!

2. Door Gets Stuck

A big annoyance for any homeowner is when the door to their garage doesn’t budge. They try to get the door to move but it’s caught on something and it takes several tries before it gives one way or the other.

Making sure the tracks are well-oiled is a quick fix when you’re in a pinch, but sooner or later it’ll be necessary to call for repairs.

3. Loud Grinding Sound

The screeching sound of metal scraping metal is as bad as nails on a chalkboard. It happens when something is either in the way of the door or the tracks are misaligned or damaged. If your garage door makes this sound every time you use it, then you need to start thinking about getting repairs done.

Once you call for the experts to take a look, they’ll start going through the process of garage door troubleshooting until they figure out what is causing that terrible sound.

4. Door Slams Shut

No garage should have a door that slams down with heavy speed. This is a potential danger to anyone caught underneath the door at the wrong time. It also damages the door and causes it to wear down much faster than normal.

As the springs in the door’s mechanism lose their strength, they’re no longer able to keep the door nimble. Instead of guiding the door down slowly, it falls into place. Don’t continue using your garage door like this with repairing it or else you’ll need even bigger repairs soon.

5. Faulty Seals

Do you notice a large draft of air coming in through your closed garage door? This is a big problem because it means that the door isn’t sitting right and that there are gaps allowing that air to pass through. If air has no trouble getting in, then your home is vulnerable and you need to fix the door as soon as possible.

Never ignore any garage problems as they’ll continue to get worse until repairs are made!

Fixing Garage Door Problems Is Easy With the Right Help

Once you start recognizing these garage door problems, finding the right fix is as easy as calling your local professionals. These experts know how to get your door working as good as new.

Never struggle to use your garage door again!

To get started with the best garage door repair service, make sure to contact us right away!

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