5 Telltale Signs You Need Your Garage Door Repaired

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Did you know that the average homeowner opens and closes their garage 1500 times per year? All this wear and tear builds over time, and before you know it, your garage door might have some issues.

But what if you’re not sure what to look for? How do you know when you need garage door repair?

Keep reading for five signs it’s time for repair or replacement. 

1. The Door Has Trouble Opening

When you’re arriving back home, you want your garage door to open smoothly and without a problem. So what does it mean when it doesn’t do that?

If you notice that your garage door is struggling, or that it appears to be crooked, it can be a sign that there’s a problem with the springs.

If you have standard springs, they’re located above the door. On the other hand, extension springs are located on either side of the garage door. Regardless of which type you have, get them checked out to prevent further damage. 

2. You Hear a Loud Noise in the Garage 

If you hear a loud bang or something that sounds like a crash coming from your garage, don’t worry. It’s probably not a burglar. Unfortunately, it might be the sound of your garage door spring snapping.

If the torsion spring breaks, it causes it to unravel quickly and violently. This can cause the loud noise that you heard. 

3. The Door Is Heavy 

There’s no doubt that garage doors are heavy, especially if they’re well-constructed. However, if you’re unable to open the door, it can be a sign of an issue.

If your garage door has a broken spring, built-in safety features will prevent you from opening it. In some cases, you may be able to open it a few inches, but no more. Get your broken or worn-down springs looked at to get them back to how they should be. 

4. There Are Loose Cables 

Every time you press the button to open and close your garage door, sets of cables do all of the hard work. Above the door, the cables wrap around a drum, then go down to hook around the bottom panel.

If the springs break, the cables can lose tension. This can cause them to hang down, appear tangles, or look as if they were cut.

5. You Notice a Spring Gap 

Sometimes you’ll notice a gap. If you do, it’s time to replace your garage door spring as soon as possible.

If a spring breaks, it’ll unwind, leaving an opening between the two pieces over your door. This gap can be a few inches wide. As soon as you notice it, make an effort to find a professional company that can help you replace the garage door spring.

Garage Door Problems? Let Us Help You

It can be difficult to know when your garage door needs some attention. Often, if you wait too long, the problem can get worse. Yet by following this guide, you’ll know exactly when your home has a broken garage door.

If your garage door has one of these issues, contact us today to help you fix it.

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