Dented Garage Door? Here’s How to Get It Fixed

Dented Garage Door

Accidents happen. Whether you get too close with your car or a neighbor slams their basketball into your garage, you may end up with a nasty dent.

How can you repair a dented garage door?

If you have unsightly garage door dents, you’re in luck. Here are a few methods you can use to pop that dent back into place.

Pound it Out

Your most obvious solution is to use a mallet to pound the dent back into place. This method may vary in success depending on the extent of the dent. You will need a mallet, a flat plank of wood, sandpaper, and cleaning materials.

Start by cleaning the dented area. Once clean, you can place the plant over the bulging part of the dent and begin pounding it back into place with the mallet. The plank will help keep everything even until the dent is back in place.

Temperature Shift

Metal reacts strongly to heat. By implementing a drastic change in temperature to the garage door, you may cause the dent to revert back to normal on its own. You will need cleaning supplies, a sheet of aluminum foil, a lighter, and an air canister.

Start by cleaning the affected area, then apply the aluminum foil over the dent; hold the lighter up to the aluminum foil for at least one minute until it is hot. Remove the aluminum foil, then spray the area for at least 30 seconds with your air canister.

After 2 minutes, the dent should pop back into place. You can then clean the area again with soap and water.


Many people use suction in order to remove dents in cars; a similar method can be used to fix dents in some garage doors. You can purchase suction cups for dent repair at many hardware stores, as well as online. If the dent is too large or deep, however, you may have a harder time fixing your damaged garage door with this method.

All you have to do for this method is place the suction cup firmly around the dent, then use the tool like a plunger. With any luck, this should pop the dent back into place.

When to Replace the Dented Garage Door

Unfortunately, you may not be able to DIY repair your damaged garage door panel. In this case, you should hire a garage door repair person to help you. If the above methods do not work, or if you have an exceptionally large or deep dent, you should contact a garage repair company for assistance.

Fix Your Garage Today

You don’t have to leave your dented garage door as it is. Remember, if you’re ever in doubt about your capabilities of fixing the door by yourself, you can always hire a repairman to help fix the damages!

Are you searching for a contractor who can help repair your garage?

We’re here for you. Contact us with any questions or concerns you have about our repair services and continue reading our blog for more information today.

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