DIY Garage Door Repair or Hire a Professional?

diy garage door

Studies show that more than 45% of garage owners do not get an inspection after the garage door is initially installed. 

Have you had any safety inspections since your garage door was installed? How often do you check if it is working properly?

Issues with this heavy object can arise, especially when regular inspections aren’t happening. 

Keep reading to learn more about when you can do DIY garage door repairs and when you should call a professional:

DIY Garage Door Repair

Have you ever had an issue with your garage door and wanted to fix it yourself? Not every issue can be fixed but this strategy has its benefits.


Savings: You can save money by making the simple fixes on your own, such as replacing a battery or clearing obstructed objects from the sensor. You won’t need to pay a service fee for these items and can find videos or instructions on how to install online. An example of this is adjusting settings on the opener, which only requires a screwdriver and can save you save time and frustration when you have the tools on hand. 

Convenience: If you have everything you need to complete your garage door repair in your garage, then it will be more convenient to do it yourself than calling a professional. Youtube is a great resource for simple fixes and the videos are taught by people also working with what they have in their home. 

Calling A Professional

If you can’t fix the garage door on your own (or don’t want to try), it is best to call a professional service for help. 

Warranty: This is a great reason to call a professional because the repair could be covered under the warranty that you received when you purchased the door. You paid for the warranty and can collect on its value. 

Peace of Mind: When you hire a professional, you can rest easy knowing that they will find and fix the problem. Trying to fix it yourself can sometimes cause bigger issues and cost you more stress. 

Save Time: Instead of spending hours googling how to fix it, you can call a professional and schedule a time for them to evaluate the issue. This could turn a five-hour project into a 1-hour project and free up more time in your day. 

Trained Professionals: The #1 reason to call a professional is that they are experts in the field. They work on garage doors on a daily basis and are familiar with anything and everything that can go wrong.

Quality Work: While DIY projects can be sturdy and hold up over time but with a professional, you can guarantee that quality parts and labor will go into the repair.

There are many benefits to calling a professional and while it does usually cost more, you will have a properly working garage door when they are finished with it.

Ready To Repair

When you run into an issue with your garage door, the first step will be to determine if it is a DIY garage door repair or not. From there, you will know whether you should call a professional or not. Check out our website for more information. 

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