Garage Door Repair in Sacramento: When to Hire a Professional

garage door repair in sacramento

Did you know that 45% of Americans use the garage door to enter their home? It truly is the new front door for many homeowners, which means it can be frustrating when it doesn’t work. Repairs can be costly, and with so much information out there, it’s tempting to try to fix it yourself. 

But how do you know when to try a DIY repair or call a professional? Check this out to see whether you need to hire a professional for your garage door repair in Sacramento. 

Types of Garage Door Repair in Sacramento 

The first thing you might be wondering is, can garage doors be repaired? That depends on the age and severity of the issue. If your door is very old and has multiple problems, it might be more cost-effective to simply replace it.

But otherwise, you may have a quick fix on your hand, especially if it is something as simple as replacing the batteries in your automatic door opener. Or you may need to lubricate some of the parts, like the tracks, with oil. But once you start getting into the more tricky areas of garage door mechanism repair, you might want to call in the pros. 


Garage door repair accidents account for a lot of trips to the Emergency Room. There are a lot of potential hazards to consider when trying to fix it yourself, from the weight of the door to electrical wiring. You also want to make sure the repair is done right so that it doesn’t injure you or anyone else in the future. 


If you are looking at an automatic garage door repair, then you could be looking at dealing with the electrical system. If you haven’t worked with wiring before, this could be very dangerous. In that case, it’s better to call a professional that has the training and experience to handle it safely. 

Cost-Effectiveness of DIY vs Hiring a Professional

Some repairs, like replacing the weather stripping under the door, can be done by yourself for little cost and effort. But for more complicated problems, you may end up spending more time and money than you would if you hired someone. Plus, a professional can troubleshoot and run through common garage door problems with you and come up with a maintenance plan for the future to avoid more costly repairs. 

Ready to Repair Your Garage Door?  

Some garage door repairs can be easy to fix on your own. But for more complicated electrical issues or ones that require special parts or tools, it’s better to hire a pro. Don’t risk serious injury by trying to fix it yourself! 

You can benefit from the assistance of a locally owned and operated garage door service expert. If you need emergency repairs or an experienced professional to assist you with garage door repair in Sacramento, contact us here

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