How to Troubleshoot a Garage Door Opener

garage door opener

Around 64% of homes have garages or carports, making it easier for people to protect their vehicles. If you have a garage at your home and use it for your car, you probably have an opener on it.

A garage door opener lets you open and close the garage door with a button or remote in your vehicle. This device makes driving into or out of your garage a cinch until it stops working properly.

What causes a garage door opener to stop working correctly? If you’re currently having problems with your opener, you might wonder how to troubleshoot it.

Continue reading to learn the best ways to troubleshoot your garage door opener when it’s not working correctly.

Locked Garage Door

Many things can cause a garage door not to open or close, and some are simple problems you can fix yourself. 

So, the first thing to check when you have garage door problems is the lock on the garage door. You don’t have to lock a garage door when it has an opener, as the opener locks the door.

However, someone might’ve locked the garage door. If so, you’ll have garage door opener problems. Therefore, you might want to check this first. 

You can check by walking into your garage and looking at the sides of the garage door to see if the lever is pushed to the lock position. If it is, unlock it and try the garage door opener. 

Check the Power

Secondly, it would help to replace the batteries in your garage door opener. After all, dead batteries won’t work. Additionally, you can check the power to your garage door opener.

Your garage door won’t work if there is no power to the door opener. Therefore, you should ensure the breaker didn’t trip. You can also check to see if the garage door opener is plugged into the outlet.

Check the Sensors

All garage doors today come with entrapment equipment for protection. The most common entrapment equipment is electric eyes. 

You’ll see these near the floor on each side of the garage door. If something blocks these eyes, the door might not work. 

Adjust the Limit Switch

Additionally, you might check the limit switch on your garage door opener. You can usually find this switch on the door opener, and it looks like two white knobs in most cases.

This switch controls how far the door goes down and up. However, you’ll likely need garage door repair if this switch is bad or needs an adjustment.

Contact a Garage Door Opener Repair Company

A garage door opener can stop working for other reasons, which might require the help of an expert. For example, it might have a bad motor, which the garage door company must replace.

Other problems can also lead to garage door opener issues, and you’ll likely need an expert to diagnose and fix the issue.

Contact us at All-Pro Overhead Door in Sacramento. We offer garage door services and can help you with your garage door opener problems. 

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