The Average Garage Door Repair Cost: What You Can Expect to Pay

Some problems with garage doors don’t manifest all at once. If you’ve had trouble on and off for a few months or even a year, then you could have a full breakdown coming.

You may already be in that situation, and if you’re dreading finding out how much a garage door repair cost is, don’t worry. A lot of common garage door problems are minor and don’t cost thousands to repair.

Take a look at these common fixes, average costs, and even more serious (and expensive) problems to find some peace of mind.

Common Garage Door Repairs

The U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency pointed out that 63% of all housing units have a garage or a carport. Those garage doors last about 30 years, but that’s not without needing some repairs. Some repairs you can do yourself, but others, like these, need a professional’s help:

  • Misaligned photo eyes
  • Unplugged garage door opener
  • Worn out springs

There are plenty of common fixes, but you won’t know you need a repair until something stops working. These 4 signs are reason enough to call for help. The question is whether it will cost a lot to have them come out.

How Much Does a Garage Door Repair Cost?

The total cost of a repair depends on a lot of factors, including the parts that are broken. Yet a typical repair will likely only cost between $150 and $300. The springs in the door are some of the most expensive parts, and they can be the culprit if a door is moving in an uneven pattern. That will drive up the cost of the repair.

Other things like a problem with the wheel track or obstructions with the sensors are a quick fix and don’t cost very much. Those will only end up being about $150-$200. Broken chains and cables cause a garage door to fall much faster than normal, and those are also a job for a professional with a minimal fee.

Other things you can check yourself, like the batteries in your garage door opener. It’s easy to replace them yourself and you won’t need to pay the service call fee for a repairman to come out to the house. You can also apply lubricant to the track or the chains and pulleys, which doesn’t cost very much.

More Expensive Repairs

Some larger repairs are more expensive, although they’re still less than replacing everything. A brand new door panel, for example, costs up to $800. Most doors are repairable, but when sections of them are bent too much or have other problems, you have to replace the whole panel.

Still, replacing a panel is cheaper than replacing the whole door, which can cost up to $1400. The total cost depends on the material the door is made from, whether wood, fiberglass, or aluminum.

If you have special windows in your garage door, those are often custom, so they cost more. You could be looking at up to $500 to replace those. For safety, it’s good to have a professional look over everything if you’re not sure about doing the repair yourself.

Garage Door Pricing

If you’re worried about a garage door repair cost in your home, it’s probably not as big of a problem as you think. Most repairs are minimal and affordable unless you have severe damage.

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