The Benefits of Automatic Garage Door Installation You Should Know Of

Did you know in the US there are over 70 million single family garage doors? Even with the frequency of use, an automatic garage door will last you around 10-12 years.

Many households rely so heavily on their garage doors that it becomes their front door. They click a button, drive into their garage and enter the house.

Replacing your garage door is a big household decision to make. If you’re considering automatic garage door installation, keep reading to learn all the benefits you should know about!

Automatic Garage Doors are Convenient and Provide Easy Access

One of the top reasons most households switch to automatic garage doors is convenience. Being able to push a button from your car or driveway and gaining access to your garage gives you a hassle-free experience.

If you think about rainy or cold days, it becomes even more important to not be exposed to the elements before entering or exiting your car from the house.

An electric garage door also saves you time. It’s easier than a manual door since it eliminates the strain of lifting a heavy garage door.

A huge benefit is that they are usually activated by a remote, which is a reliable way to protect your property inside the garage. 

Security and Safety with Electric Garage Doors

Another huge benefit to an electric garage door is that it’s more secure than what could be, an old or frail automatic door.

An automatic garage door might use something like a rolling code which prevents replay attacks if a thief were trying to break in.

It’s also physically safer and more secure to not have a manual garage door, since it’s possible for these to fall on someone as they try to open it. People who are elderly or have small children should consider this for automatic garage door installation.

Style and Aesthetics

Another perhaps less necessary but still important benefit of an electric garage door is the look and style it can offer. A lot of automatic garage doors will come with built-in lights, which also enhance safety and the look of your garage and drive-way.

Also, electric garage doors can be designed to fit your home, and come in a variety of styles and materials. These garage doors can be made of wood, fibreglass, steel or aluminum.

The actual function of the door opening can also vary, and could roll, sectional or canopy open.

These garage doors are known for being durable and will likely last you many years to come. 

Invest in Automatic Garage Door Installation

An electric garage door can be a great investment for the modern homeowner. It gives your home an aesthetic appeal and allows you to easily leave and enter your home without stepping outside.

Contact us today to hear more about the automatic garage door installation options that are right for you!

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