Top Garage Door Repair Tips That You Should Know About

Garage door repair

Imagine pulling into your garage after a hard day’s work, and the garage door falls on the hood of your car. That’s what could happen if you don’t fix repair issues when they show up. 

Garage door repair doesn’t require a degree. You can handle most repairs the DIY way. 

Repairing a faulty garage door on your home prevents accidents and injuries. Doing so keeps you from joining the 30,000 injuries that happen each year from bad garage doors. 

Does your garage door need repairs? Keep reading to learn some up-to-date tips about garage door repair that may be of great help.

1. Check the Sensor 

One of the most common issues with garage doors is the door getting stuck. If your garage door won’t lower to close, check the sensor

A misplaced sensor affects how the garage door lowers and rises. Check its position. Consider moving the sensor to a lower position. If objects are blocking the sensor, move them. 

It’s important to keep the sensor in a visible position to keep the door working properly. 

2. Fix the Garage Door Opener

A malfunctioning garage door opener affects how your garage door works as well. The simple fix for a garage door opener is to change the batteries. 

If you change the batteries and still experience issues with the opener, you have a system issue. System issues are problems with the garage door machinery.

Fixing the machinery may require professional expertise. Contact a garage door professional before attempting to take things apart. 

3. Inspect the Motor and Other Mechanics

Sometimes the motor for the garage door stops running, or the door emits loud, awkward sounds. Get the motor running properly by adjusting the limit switch located on the tracks.

Use a ladder to safely make the adjustments. If you can’t locate the limit switch, refer to the user’s manual. Some garage door limit switches are in the opener mechanism.

If you don’t have the original user’s manual, purchase a garage door repair guide. The tips in it can help you get through the garage door repair process.

For other mechanics, such as nuts and bolts in the door, use a lubricant to stop the noise. WD-40 is an excellent choice. These simple garage door tips can get your door working again.

4. Clean the Door 

The best garage door tip you should know is to keep the door clean. Excess dirt and grease get trapped in the door’s tracks. Filthy tracks cause the door to open and close slower than usual or shake. 

Prevent this from happening by using a concentrated household cleaner on the tracks and other parts. Dishwasher soap or car wash soap work best. Take your time and wash down the parts.

Proper cleaning ensures the tracks remain smooth and the door functions as it should. 

Use These Garge Door Repair Tips

Garage door repair saves you money and keeps you safe. Implement some of these tips, but don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you need one. A professional can give you sound garage door repair advice.

Let us offer you some professional advice. Call us 24 hours, 7 days a week for garage door and opener repair service. 

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