What to Do If Your Garage Door Is Stuck

garage door is stuck

It is Monday morning, and you are running late for work. You hurry to get your bags out the door and head out in your car when your garage door will not open.

In frustration, you realize the garage door is stuck, and you have to troubleshoot getting it open if you want to make it to work on time. Before you hit the stress button, read on for common reasons your garage door may be on the fritz.

A Drastic Shift in Weather

The first consideration when you have garage door problems is the weather.

Has there been a recent shift in the weather? Either a high heat or an intense cold could impact your garage door. The expansion or contraction of the rails in temperature changes could affect the performance of your garage door opener.

Call your local garage door company to make any necessary adjustments to the track to avoid impacts from future weather shifts.

Debris in Front of the Sensor

Another common garage door issue may revolve around the garage door sensor. If you notice the sensor blinking, there may be an obstruction in front of the sensor.

Hopefully, something small in front of the sensor keeps it from operating normally, and you can resolve it quickly. Check the sensor for spider webs, leaves, or other debris.

After clearing the area, the sensor light should be back to steady. Test the garage again, and you may be on your way.

Defective Springs or Drum

On occasion, garage door parts may need replacing. Garage parts such as springs or drums may wear out, face damage, or become blocked.

Unfortunately, since both these parts are critical for garage door performance, you should not attempt to fix them alone. Call a professional to help you replace or repair defective pieces to make the door functional again.

Door off the Track

If your garage door has come off the track, it will not open and close properly. The rollers of your garage door might have popped off the track and need to be addressed by a professional garage door company.

This type of repair is not one you can complete on your own.

Garage Door Track Issues

With time, a garage door’s track can become damaged or worn and need repair. If you notice any warp or bend in the track itself, that could be the cause of your stuck door. For minor defects, you may be able to repair them yourself by straightening the track.

Another issue affecting your garage door is if the track needs lubrication. Proper and regular lubrication of the opener chain and the track is crucial for your garage door to run smoothly.

Solutions for When Your Garage Door Is Stuck

When your garage door is stuck, you need a reliable company to come and repair the system to get you back on track. Even with regular maintenance, you can still count on using a repair company at some point to touch up your garage.

Does your garage door need repair or a second look? Contact us for reputable garage door repairs today!

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