Why You Should Never DIY Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation is a tricky task that should be left up to the professionals. Here are a few reasons why you should never DIY garage door installation and leave the repairs up to the pros, too.

While many DIY projects let you safely learn new skills as you improve your home, garage DIY projects are not on that list.

Over 1600 injuries related to DIY garage door repairs are reported every year. On top of that, another 2100 injuries are a result of falling garage doors, and garage door springs alone make up 300 more injuries.

Trying to repair a garage door on your own can be dangerous, which is why you should leave the work to the professionals. You might want to save money by doing the job yourself (it doesn’t always save you money anyway), your safety should always come first.

But it comes down to more than just safety.

Take a look at these five reasons you should never attempt DIY garage door installation.

1. You Don’t Have the Experience

Sure, that YouTube video made it look really easy, but that’s because the person in the video knew what they were doing. When you try the same thing yourself, you’ll find it to be much more difficult than it seemed.

Professionals are both highly trained and have years of experience installing garage doors. They’ll be able to make sure they’ve installed the door correctly and that it works the way it should, and they’ll save you a lot of time and irritation.

2. You Don’t Have the Proper Tools

Installing a garage door requires specific tools, and they’re likely not the type of tolls you have tucked away in your shed already.

Besides, a lot goes into installing a garage door. You have to align the photo eye, secure the door opener, wire everything properly, balance the weight of the door, and install the springs, pulleys, and cables. A professional will have both the right parts and the right tools to do this efficiently and effectively.

3. You’ll Spend More Money

It’s easy to make mistakes with any DIY projects the first time you try them, but mistakes equal spending more money. If you mess something up the first time, you’ll have to rebuy the parts and start over.

Because they have the right tools and the right experience, a professional can install the door without any bumps along the way. This not only saves you money, it saves you time as well.

4. You’ll Void the Warranty

Most garage doors come with a warranty, but if you try to install or repair the garage door yourself, you’ll void the warranty?


Because garage door companies know DIY garage door projects can be dangerous, and they don’t want you to risk hurting yourself. If you have the warranty, you might as well use it.

If you don’t use it, you might mess up and make your garage door problem worse. But because you tried to install the door yourself, you won’t be able to use your warranty if things go wrong.

Never Attempt DIY Garage Door Installation

There’s a reason garage doors come with warranties. Working on these doors by yourself can send you to the hospital. Instead of trying DIY garage door installation, make sure you leave the job to the professionals.

Looking for a reputable company to install your garage door? Make sure you give us a call and find out how we can help you.

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