Different Types of Garage Doors for Your Home

Get to know all of your options when choosing a garage door for your home. Here are all of the types of garage doors you can choose from.

A new garage door may not be at the forefront of your home improvements list – but it should be.

A stylish garage door can transform the look of your home. Not only will you add to the kerbside appeal of your property, but insulated doors mean you can also gain added enjoyment from turning an always-cold garage into a useful extra room.

Knowing more about the types of garage doors, from the materials to opening mechanisms, will help you to pick the very best one for your home. Here’s everything you need to know to make an informed garage door purchase.

How to Choose Between Different Types of Garage Doors

Before you pick a style of garage door, there are some important questions to ask yourself. These will help guide you to a garage door style that’ll fit in with your garage usage and your property’s aesthetic.

What’s the Style of Your Home?

Do you have an ultra-modern home or a classic period property? Garage doors should blend in with the existing architectural style, so take a good look at the exterior features of your house.

Do You Need Insulation?

Depending on how you use your garage and the regional climate of your area, you may need to consider an insulated door.

If you use the garage as an extra room in the house, or spend a lot of time working in it in the winter, insulation is a must-have. 

However, a non-insulated door may suffice in some circumstances. If, for example, you live in a mild climate without extreme temperatures, insulation isn’t so important. 

How Should It Open?

Do you want a manual or automatic garage door? Should it open up-and-over or swing outwards like carriage doors?

It all depends on the space you have for the door and how you want to use it. An automatic door is useful if you use your garage to store your vehicle every night, as you don’t have to get out of the car to park up. 

Do You Need Windows for Natural Light?

Many people use their garage as an extra workshop or games room. If this is the case, consider bringing in some natural light with integrated windows in the top of your garage door.

Windows are a stylish addition to garage doors, but make sure you consider any security issues, too. If you keep your pride and joy vintage car in the garage, for example, it might be better to avoid windows in your door.

Material Options for Your Garage Door

When you’ve decided on the style, mechanism, and insulation properties you require, it’s time to choose your door. There are three main types of door material available, each with their own useful properties. 

Metal Doors

Both steel and aluminum doors offer a cost-effective way to add security to your garage. They can be made in almost any color, too – so are a perfect solution to make sure your door matches your personal style.

They require little maintenance and are the most popular type of door, particularly for non-insulated garages. 

Wood Garage Doors

Wooden doors are ideal for moderate climates without extreme temperatures. Wood is best in temperate climates, as excessive heat or cold can cause splits and weathering over time.

Wooden doors are ideal for the carriage door look on an older period property. They’re timeless and classy, and will always add to the visual appeal of a home.

PVC and Fiberglass

PVC and fiberglass garage doors are ideal for insulated garages. They’re also low maintenance and easy to clean.

You can choose from smooth finishes, wood-effect, or even brick-style cladding to make your door blend seamlessly into the style of your home. 

Time to Book a Professional Fitter

When you’ve whittled down the types of garage doors that would suit your property style, your budget, and the functions it must cover, it’s time to buy.

With so many options available in every combination of style and material, it can be an overwhelming process. A professional garage door company can advise on the best styles that tick every box on your must-have list. 

Speak to our experts today to arrange a consultation and book a professional fitting for your new garage door!

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