The Benefits of Automatic Garage Door Installation You Should Know Of

Did you know in the US there are over 70 million single family garage doors? Even with the frequency of use, an automatic garage door will last you around 10-12 years. Many households rely so heavily on their garage doors that it becomes their front door. They click a button, drive into their garage and […]

Do I Need Garage Door Replacement or Repair?

Keyword(s): garage door replacement There’s a season for many home improvement projects. If you need a new roof, new windows, or a new driveway, you try to make those repairs when it’s not raining or freezing cold. With a patch job here and there, you can often get by until things improve. Garage doors aren’t like other […]

5 Reasons Why a Garage Door Replacement is a Great Investment

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your home’s value, a garage door replacement might be the answer. Here are 5 reasons why it’s a great investment. ​ When selling a home, homeowners tend to forget one of the most important things to the exterior of their house: the garage door. If your […]