Do I Need Garage Door Replacement or Repair?

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There’s a season for many home improvement projects. If you need a new roof, new windows, or a new driveway, you try to make those repairs when it’s not raining or freezing cold. With a patch job here and there, you can often get by until things improve.

Garage doors aren’t like other projects. They never breakdown at an opportune time, and you can’t always wait for better weather if you need a repair or a garage door replacement.

To make things a little more challenging, how do you know whether you need a replacement vs. a simple repair?

Challenge accepted! Before you panic over a garage door gone bad, take a minute and read our guide to signs your garage gives you when it’s time for a replacement.

How Old Is Your Door?

Age may be the leading factor in garage door replacement vs. repair.

Yes, you’ll see decades-old (and older) homes with the original garage doors. They might not look pretty, but they’re still attached and in many cases, still opening and closing. Even so, older doors can often use more than a facelift and here’s why.

Garage door technology today offers significant improvements in function and design. Homeowners no longer need to settle for dated aluminum doors or wood doors with peeling paint. You have many options, including doors with frosted glass windows, and doors constructed from composite wood.

Replacing your garage door goes a long way toward improving the curb appeal of your home. It can also increase the value of your home.

Your Garage Door Makes Noise

Garage doors naturally make noise when they open and close due to the many moving parts used during door operation.

While routine maintenance can lessen the noise level, if you hear excessive cracking, creaking, and grinding, or your door sounds like it’s straining to open and close, you likely have a deteriorating door. Clinking or thumping sounds usually indicate something more serious.

If you’ve learned to tune out the noise, you may sleep better, but ignoring the noise may set you up for a total door failure.

Replacing your door eliminates the noise but it also prevents potential injuries and costly repairs.

Does Your Garage Door Breakdown Often?

It’s not unusual for a garage door to need a few repairs over its lifetime. It’s the repeated repairs and persistent breakdowns that point to a need for a new door.

Consider the time and money you’ve spent to date on your garage door. Also, think about the potential for injury to you or your loved ones. Finally, don’t forget the security risk posed by a garage door that breaks down frequently.

Persistent and major repair issues vs. a new garage door. It often makes more sense to invest in a new door rather than continue making repairs.

Ready for a Garage Door Replacement?

Whether you have an old door, a noisy door or one you must continually repair, installing a new door is usually the best solution.

If you’re considering a garage door replacement, we’re the garage door experts! Contact us today for a free repair or replacement quote.

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