Five Garage Door Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

garage door maintenance

America loves its garage doors. That’s why more than 22,000 Americans work as door repairers. 

This number suggests that garage door maintenance is easy. It is not. If you want to keep your door sturdy, you have to follow several garage door maintenance tips. 

What should you do when you open your door? What are some garage door repair steps you can follow? When should you call in the professionals? 

Answer these questions and you can keep your garage door from wear and tear. Here are five tips you can follow today. 

1. Go Easy on Your Door

When you lift your door up, grab it with both hands and pull it upward. Let it roll along its tracks without applying too much force. 

Keep your arms straight as you move. If you pull your door to one side, you may twist it or distort the tracks. 

When you pull your door down, try to engage in a similar effort. Use both hands and rely on gravity to lower your door into place. If you slam it closed, you can damage it. 

2. Keep Your Parts Lubricated

The more that you use your door, the more lubricant you need to apply to it. Place lithium grease in your roller brackets and inside of your garage door tracks. 

You should also spray your garage door springs with WD-40. This will keep them lubricated and remove dust that has settled on them. 

3. Install Weatherstripping

You should weather-seal your garage door whenever you notice water or snow damage on your door. You should do so before the winter or any major storm. 

Your door may have strips along the bottom. But rain can run down the sides of your garage and pool beside your door. If you don’t have strips on the sides of your door, you should place strips there.  

4. Break Your Door Down Bit by Bit

Your tracks and weatherstripping can be your primary focus. But good garage door care requires being mindful of all aspects of your door. Do not look at a garage door replacement until you have made a thorough inspection of your door. 

Get on a ladder and inspect the nuts and bolts. If a nut seems loose, you should tighten it. You can check the fasteners on your opening and the brackets in between your panels and tighten them as well. 

You should also inspect the pulleys and cables. If they seem frayed, you should replace them. 

5. Get Professional Garage Door Care

You can go and make a major repair by yourself. But this will require a lot of work and you may make a mistake. 

It is a better idea to call a garage door company for assistance. Follow good tips on choosing the best company, including getting estimates from several companies. Once you find a company you like, ask them to make repairs and then get some advice on how you can maintain the door.

The Five Best Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Garage door maintenance does not have to be costly. Avoid problems from occurring by being gentle on your door and pulling it along its tracks. 

Apply lithium grease and WD-40 to your moving parts. Make sure to remove any dust that has gathered on them as well. 

Place weatherstripping on the bottom and sides of your door so rain doesn’t damage it. You should tighten loose screws and keep your pulleys taut. 

But if you cannot fix your door, do not hesitate to get help. All-Pro Overhead Door serves the Sacramento area. Contact us today. 

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