How to Update Garage Door Designs and Improve Your Curb Appeal

update garage door

Around 36% of homeowners believe in the power of curb appeal by freshening up their home’s exterior, including their garage door. 

Touching up your garage door comes with many benefits, from boosting your property’s resale value to improving its durability. But if you lack DIY experience, figuring out how to do this can feel impossible. 

Sounds like your situation? Luckily, we’ve got the answers you’re searching for. Here’s how to update your garage door and boost your home’s curb appeal. 

Consider Your Front Door 

You can only boost curb appeal when the property’s exterior is in balance. This means using your front door’s design to influence the garage, as these are the two most prominent features of your home. Otherwise, the colors may clash, which won’t create a good first impression for onlookers. 

Experiment With Contrast Colors

To make your new garage door stand out, play around with contrasting colors.

It’s important that the color is stark against your home and visually appealing. For instance, if your property is white, make a statement with dramatic black garage doors. Another option is choosing a monochromatic theme so that your entire property stands out. 

You could even experiment with the garage door’s material. Perhaps you’re tired of stainless steel and want to install window panes instead. You may even want to switch to faux wood, as it’s durable and affordable. 

Or, if that’s not your style, take the “less is more” approach. Choose a subtle color palette, like whites and grays, because they are timeless and will instantly elevate your curb appeal. 

Accessorize the Garage Door

Aside from changing the garage door paint, you could consider accessorizing it. For instance, invest in a fancy door handle or magnetic decorations. You could even add shrubs on either side of the garage door to personalize your home

Add Lights 

One of the top garage updates is installing exterior light fixtures. Not only are they practical, but it’s an effortless way to create an inviting home. 

The beauty is you can choose between different options. For instance, overhead lights or solar-powered ground lights that point toward the garage door to enhance it. 

Call in the Experts

Sure, you’ve got an idea for a garage upgrade, but you can only boost your home value if it’s done well. To prevent any hiccups, search for a team of experts to do the heavy lifting for you. These professionals understand what does and doesn’t work with garage doors so that you leave feeling satisfied. 

How to Update Garage Door

Now you have an idea of how to update garage door; it’s time to brainstorm ideas. 

Residents should consider their property’s current facade and how an upgraded garage door will work with the design. If you’re struggling, our team at All-Pro Overhead Door has 10 years of working with homeowners to service garage doors at an economical rate. 

If you’re in the Sacramento area and want help with your garage door, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to discuss the project with our team. 

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