How to Quiet Down a Squeaky Garage Door

squeaky garage door

Do you feel like your squeaky garage door ruins your peaceful mornings (and that of your neighbors)? Leaving your home shouldn’t be a source of stress. Fortunately, a noisy garage door is usually an easy fix.

Fixing some noises requires professional help. If you need a garage door repair, trust a respected overhead door repair company to handle potentially dangerous repair work.

Causes and Fixes for a Squeaky Garage Door

If you are reading this blog, you are probably wondering, “Why is my garage door squeaking?” Garage door noises can have a variety of causes that can lead to a wide range of garage door noises. Some types of garage door noises can be fixed at home while others may require professional help.

Failure to Open or Close Fully

If your garage door does not fully open or close, it could be due to improper garage door installation or an unbalanced door. This type of problem could be dangerous to repair and may require professional help. 

An unbalanced door will generally create scraping or squeaking noises. Over time, this imbalance could lead to significant structural damage. 

Rubbing Noises when Opening and Closing

Mild rubbing noises may be a sign that your garage door has a misaligned or bent track. In other cases, your garage door system noise may come from loose bolts or nuts. Check your system and tighten any loose nuts or bolts that you find.

If the noise persists, call a professional garage door repair company. Garage door repairs are often not a DIY option

Jerky Movements when Opening and Closing

Too much slack in the motor chair or other issues with the chain can lead to jerky movements or a harsh slapping sound when the unit opens or closes.

The garage door motor and chain systems would not be tampered with. If you think there is an issue with the unit’s chain, have a professional come out to do an inspection. 

Squeaking Noises

Here is where you may be able to address garage door noise on your own. You can lubricate garage door parts to reduce friction.

Spray the springs with lubricants. Use enough lubricant to cover the entire spring.

Spray the inside of each track. Be sure to cover all of the metal rollers. If you have nylon rollers, you may not need to treat the rollers.

You can lubricate the chain assembly as well. Any moving part of your garage door may be a cause of noise. Spraying the hinge between the garage door panel can also reduce vibrations and sources of noise. 

Use lubricants and oil generously. Lubricating the moving parts of your garage system twice a year can cut down on minor sources of noise.

Fix Your Squeaky Garage Door Today

A squeaky garage door shouldn’t wreck the start of your day. By learning the cause of the unwanted squeaks, you can restore harmony to your home and mornings. If lubricants don’t fix the problem, call the experts at All-Pro Overhead Door to take a look at the problem. 

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