Why Garage Door Repair Is Not a DIY Job

garage door repair

Is your garage door in need of repairs?

Everyone wants a beautiful-looking garage door to help the front of their house pop, but a faulty door mechanism can put an end to your dreams. With minor repairs, you might think it’ll be easier and cheaper to do it yourself. But even the small things with a garage door can be dangerous. If you’re not a professional, you could make the issue worse, or hurt yourself.

If you still need some convincing, read on for more about why garage door repair is a job for professionals.

You Could Void the Warranty

When you bought your garage door, you’ll likely have gotten a warranty covering a set amount of time. That warranty helps with replacements or repairs within that time if something happens.

If you still have time on your warranty and attempt a DIY repair, you could void that time. Warranties aren’t there to cover any modifications or repair attempts the owner makes.

You Could Worsen the Issue

The door openers on garages are complex. The mechanisms are intricate and you need to take care of them. A garage door contractor will go through training to handle this work.

If you’re Googling ” how to fix your garage door” you won’t have the knowledge and experience needed. If you try to repair your garage door and don’t know what to do, you could make things worse.

You might use the wrong parts, or use a more harmful method that damages something else. In some cases, the repairs you try to make could cause permanent damage.

The only option then is to buy a new door. It’s better to call in a professional as the cost of repairs will be less than a new door replacement in most cases.

You Might Not Have Access to the Right Tools

Repairing your garage door will take specialize parts and tools. Using what tools you have to hand could cause further damage to your door. Or, it could damage your tools.

Without the right tools, any repairs will be more difficult, if not impossible. A professional technician has access to the right tools and correct parts to do the job right.

You Could Hurt Yourself

One of the biggest reasons not to attempt repairs yourself is how dangerous it can be. The weight of a garage door can be several hundred pounds. If that comes down with enough force, it could cause serious injury or even kill.

The springs pose a big danger when working with garage doors. To hold up the heavy weight, there is a lot of tension on those torsion springs.

If the springs break they release the tension and it can send parts hurtling towards you at a fatal pace. You shouldn’t ever repair or replace a torsion spring by yourself. Technicians know how to be safe with these doors so it’s best to let them handle it.

Call the Professionals For Any Garage Door Repair

So, there you have it! It’s important, no matter how large or small, that you call in professionals for any garage door repair.

They have the skills, experience, and tools to get the job done right the first time. This will save you money in the long run and could prevent further damage or physical harm.

If you need garage repairs, contact us today. At All-Pro Overhead Door, we’ve got the skills and expertise for all your garage door needs.

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