Torsion Spring Converstion

Roseville, CA

Project Description

Torsion Spring Conversion in Roseville,CA. In this project, we converted a garage door from an internal torsion spring to an external torsion spring.

Important Info:

There are two styles of springs: Internal torsion springs run inside the tube and external torsion springs run outside the tube.  Over time, they both break.  When internal springs break you can’t see them and you end up using your door until the garage door motor breaks.  They are also very expensive to replace. On the other hand when external springs breaks you will see that happen, stop using the door, and call a garage door repair specialist to fix the torsion spring.  Additionally, it is cheaper to replace them.  There is only 1 manufacturer that uses the internal spring system the rest use external spring, so instead of customers paying a high price to replace internal we offer to convert it to external and that saves them money.

Before – Internal Torsion Spring

After – External Torsion Spring

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